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Half-Blood Vampire Series

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My Story

I spent my school days addicted to reading. Historicals. Regencies. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Westerns, etc. The list goes on. I would tuck a book in my open science book and pretend to be following along with class when I was really lost in a fantasy world of happily ever after. Though my knowledge of mitochondria is woefully limited, I can boast a vast array of trivia about the pirate trade of the 16th century, American pioneer life and Regency etiquette of the Ton.

My reading habits haven’t improved much and I still read when I should be doing laundry, making dinner and/or any household chores (we order a lot of pizza). In fact, when I discover a new author I will read their entire backlist non-stop. Literally. I won’t do anything else but read. Addiction is a dangerous thing.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and three children. Between reading and juggling family, I am hard at work writing. It’s my secret hope that my books will find their way inside text books, sparking the imagination and talent of the next generation of writers. My apologies to teachers everywhere.

My Books

Braced to Bite

Fangs for Freaks

Dating for Demons

Vamp, Inc.

Half Blood Vampire Volume 1

Half Blood Vampire Series Boxed Set

My Books

"Serena Robar knows vampires. In her Half-Blood Vampires series, she blends everyday teen issues with vampire problems so deftly that one cannot see the line. Her quirky characters are something that every teen, every misfit, can relate to." 

- Zach Brewer, New York Times bestselling author, The Vlad Chronicles

"Utterly charming. I adored Colby's adventures. "

-MaryJanice Davidson, New York Times bestselling author, The Undead Series


"A laugh out loud series filled with mystery, adventure and delicious romance. Vampire readers will want to take more than just one bite!"

-Mari Mancusi, award winning author of the Blood Coven Vampire series and Scorched

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